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Writer DAYWELLZ Hit 852EA Date 20-02-04 11:17


While a variety of health foods are in the spotlight, there are genuine health foods that contain taste and nutrition.

100% pomegranate juice made by Daywellers.

This juice is special because it is imported and manufactured with the highest quality pomegranate juice from an organic fruit company with a 25-year history.

In addition, through the two-steril sterilization method to prevent nutrient destruction, fermented lactic acid bacteria are added to promote more beneficial effects.

In addition to imports of raw materials, manufacturing and sales are operated by workers, so we can be confident of reliable quality at an honest price.

It is said that he has a dream to spread Korea's excellent fermented foods to the world through constant research.

The success know-how of those who are taking on new challenges that no one has tried for fermentation and health food can be found through the broadcast.

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